for that perfect product...everytime

At FG Glass, we treat glass processing as a science and every step in the process is carefully monitored through an advanced set of machinery and quality systems. With a list of many firsts for India, our infrastructure is capable of producing almost every coating and product possible for architectural use. Listed below are just some of the many reasons that make us different

Our focus on quality was the sole driver behind our selection of equipment and human resource. Plus the layout and automated handling systems ensure that processing is accomplished with almost no human intervention

Cutting-edge technology. Literally.

The sophisticated CNC cutting system from Hegla (Germany) incorporates automatic glass loading and an advanced edge-deletion system equipped with vacuum-suction and auto-sharpen features for silver-based low-E coatings. No coating streak lines mean better finish and better adhesion with silicone.

Today's coatings hate being fiddled with. Our edging and washing systems ensure exactly that.

An advanced edge-arising system from Forel (Italy) ensures seaming with no coating contact. Couple this with a washing machine capable of cleaning the most stubborn stains with minimal abrasion and you have a sparkling clean glass lite with perfectly seamed edge quality.

India's fastest and most powerful heat-treatment system. Anything less would be a compromise.

India's first and only forced, turbo-charged, top-and-bottom convection system from Uniglass (Finland) is capable of heat-treating glasses with emissivities as low as 0.01. Tempering speeds of 30 to 35 seconds per millimetre guarantee minimum optical distortion and uniform stresses on the final product.

World's most advanced CNC fabrication system. Perfect alignment during installation needs perfect drilling at source.

The patented fabrication machinery from Forvet (Italy) incorporates 16 spindles that drills and mills holes, notches and cutouts to hairline precision. So monolithic and laminated glasses are now aligned faultlessly at site to give you the best finishing and optimum operating cycles over the product lifetime.

Clean, filtered water is essential for human consumption. Why should glass be any different?

A unique combination of reverse-osmosis and demineralisationfiltration system automatically keeps the water at desired conductivity levels at all times to guarantee perfect coating preservation during edging and washing processes.

Vacuum handling systems throughout the plant. Hard work is not always rewarding.

Frictionless, vacuum-operated suction systems at all processing stations eliminates the need for manual glass handling, resulting in better productivity, throughput and quality.

Patented Robotic Sealant Application System for
Insulated Glass. Hand-work is best left for creating
artistic masterpieces.

The insulating machinery from Lisec (Austria) is equipped with automatic systems for spacer-bending, desiccant-filling and butyl extrusion and comes with a patented robotic-sealant applicator that seals all corners perfectly for a 100% air and water-tight unit.

Forced convection laminating oven. For complicated product manufacturing, without the complications.

The laminating system with forced convection is capable of producing complicated multi-glass assemblies and demanding interlayers such as DuPontTM SentryPlus(R) and Saflex(R) DG41. Bullet-resistant glasses with the highest protection levels can now be produced with perfect adhesion and quick throughputs.

Dedicated quality laboratory for 100% product testing. Because you deserve only the best.

A dedicated quality laboratory with the industry's most comprehensive range of test equipments firmly maintains material, production and product quality for that perfect product, every time.

Complete Production and Process Control through ERP system. Data at your fingertips.

A sophisticated production software network integrated to the central ERP system monitors all administrative and factory operations and provides real-time data and live updates at every step of order process. Track your orders anytime, anyplace!